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Medicus Research is the leading contract research organization specializing in dietary supplements, functional and medical foods, botanical drugs and cosmeceutical clinical trials. It offers cutting edge and revolutionary scientific solutions and services for the natural health industry.

Since its founding, Medicus has experienced rapid growth and expansion, increasing from approximately 200 research participants in the year 2011 to over 2,500 in 2014.

Over the course of the last two years, Medicus has paid research participants over $800,000. Medicus continues to compensate all participants who have completed their study and fulfilled their obligations under the terms of their contracts.

We have every intention to continue to service our clients and the public by substantiating and evaluating new health products in reliable, efficient and rewarding ways.

Build Your Shield, Increase Your Sales, Amplify Your Valuation

Medicus Research has the only shield to defend your claims with FTC, CDA, NAD and against class action lawsuits.

Due to tightening regulations, Medicus Research is the company other companies rely on for expert consultation and clinical trials.

Through our comprehensive understanding of the ever changing global regulatory environment and marketplace, Medicus Research can design a clinical trial to support your claims.

Medicus Research will design and successfully complete research studies that meet your scientific, regulatory, and marketing needs.

We are fast, flexible, and able to support you with IP ownership, patents, legal, and regulatory issues.

The Medicus Shield can protect your product, amplify your company’s valuation, and lead to increased sales.

Medicus Research has designed, executed and analyzed more than 150 Phase I - IV clinical trials.

The company designs its clinical trials to guarantee that its studies are structure/function compliant and follow strict guidelines issued by FTC, FDA, and EFSA for subject population and endpoint selection.

Medicus Research has established GCP and FDA compliant SOPs, internal QA processes, and proprietary management technology systems which ensure the highest quality for all aspects of the study process

In 2013

Medicus Research Achieved

Research Studies

Successfully defended claims with FTC,FDA, NAD and class action lawsuits

Impressive 8 studies published in peer reviewed journals

Won top awards for two scientific abstracts

Published results for the first virtual clinical trial for Natural Health products

Granted two patents

Latest News

Medicus Research is the CRO for Natural Health Products. Understanding the regulations (FDA, FTC, NAD, etc), we build your shield to protect you and enable you to sell your products. We design and perform clinical trials (double blind placebo controlled) and virtual (remote) clinical studies covering many therapeutical areas including Dietary Supplements, Functional Foods, Medical Foods and Cosmeceuticals. We also produce consulting, claims substantiation, adverse events reporting and publish in peer reviewed medical journals. Jay Udani, CEO and Medical Director of Medicus Research, is a key opinion leader in Natural Health Products.