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Diet Tips To Lower Your Cholesterol

Do you want to lower your cholesterol levels? It is a fact that many people have high levels of cholesterol as a result of unhealthy eating habits. This can be a major risk factor in heart disease and strokes if left unchecked. Fortunately, there are changes you can make to your diet to help prevent this which will also improve your overall health. Let’s take a look at some diet tips that can help to keep your cholesterol levels low.

The types of fat you consume are the first area to consider and what you should aim to do is to replace saturated fats with unsaturated fats. This can mean reducing foods such as butter, fatty cuts of meat and sausages, full fat dairy products and cakes and biscuits. The healthy alternatives to these are foods that contain the right types of fat. Oily fish, nuts such as almonds and avocados are good examples that you can eat to replace the foods you want to reduce in your daily diet.

There are certain types of food that are particularly recommended for keeping cholesterol low and these tend to be high fiber foods. These have the added benefit of making you feel full so that you do not have hunger cravings which can result in you resorting to unhealthy snacking throughout the day. The types of high fiber foods that are easy to introduce into your diet include oats, whole grains and nuts and seeds. If you also eat more fruit and vegetables these are both high in fiber as well as being full of healthy nutrients.

The way you cook your food can also make a big difference. If you switch to vegetable oils or consider cooking methods such as grilling and poaching, you can still enjoy your food and know that it has been prepared in a much more healthy way. This can apply to all types of dishes and by changing the ingredients in dressings, sauces and spreads, you can reduce the saturated fats that you consume daily. The way you plan your meals can ensure that you are eating more healthily whilst still having plenty of variety in the types of food you eat.

If you replace saturated fats with unsaturated fats in your diet, eat more high fiber foods and change the way you prepare your food, you can keep your cholesterol levels lower.

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A study shows that gallstone increase the risk of heart disease

An investigation by experts from Tulane University in New Orleans has shown that people with gallstones have a higher risk of heart disease.

This is one of the most common gastrointestinal disorders, characterized by a chronic pain in the abdomen with nausea, although you may not experience any symptoms with gallstones. But, gallstones may obstruct bile circulation into the intestine, that will consequently induce infection or serious damage in the gallbladder, pancreas or liver. When not cured, the disease can be fatal.

In this regard, experts have conducted a quantitative statistical analysis of 7 scientific studies, in which 842,553 people including 51,123 patients with coronary artery disease, in order to check the link between gallstones and the outcome of coronary disease.

Gallstones can impact bile acid secretion. Thus, scientists found that those who suffer or had suffered from gallstones, the risk of having coronary heart disease increases by 23 percent.

Also, in another analysis on a sample of 269,142 people, experts found that coronary heart disease was more common in patients with a history of gallstones, both men and women.

Therefore, experts believe that gallstones may affect the secretion of bile acids, related cardiovascular risk factors. “Grasping the link between gallstones and coronary heart disease with clinical trials to evaluate the effects of the factors in cardiovascular health is essential for the implementation of research findings into clinical practice,” have settled the experts.


Is there really a hypochondriac?

The best known research on the interference of suggestion in our health is called the Framingham Heart Study, a trace of long-term cardiovascular health of the citizens of that town of Massachusetts. It started in 1948 and since then monitors the fitness of 5,209 adults. It is now in the third generation of participants. The data obtained by this macro-study have been able to certify some health issues that are now universally accepted. For example, smoking raises the risk of coronary heart disease, hypertension is a risk factor for developing heart attacks or HDL (called good cholesterol) reduces the chances of developing heart disease.

Among the dozens of conclusions that have established Framingham data, one stands out: women who thought to be predisposed to heart disease, actually suffer four times more disorders than women who did not believe to be in that group. Although their cardiovascular risk factors were identical. Thinking that they were going to get sick really makes them sick?

Science still has not completely crossed the exciting path of human suggestion. But casuistry is overwhelming. 50% of patients with multiple sclerosis treated with interferon respond positively. So does 40% of those treated with a fake medicine as a placebo. There is evidence that if a teenager is warned that chocolate he just ate will produce acne, it increases the chances that a pimple really appears on the face.

In an experiment with asthmatics who were ensured that their inhaler was inoculated an irritant, almost half experienced respiratory problems. Then they were applied another inhaler containing asthma medication. They recovered instantly. In fact, both inhalers contained only water.

The pharmaceutical industry is aware of this phenomenon. A study from the University of Amsterdam showed that patients who have to take medicine believe that white pills are less effective than red or black. Yellow are considered stimulants; blue and green, relaxing. The size and price are also involved in our perception of the success of treatment. A black or red pill, something bigger than normal and a high price can increase by 25% its effectiveness. Yes, more times than we believe we are nothing but imaginary sick.

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A study shows that lack of oxygen in the tumor cells contributes to cancer growth

A study led by Belgian researchers Diether Lambrechts and Bernard Thienpont, and published in the journal Nature, has shown that lack of oxygen in the tumor cells causes changes in gene expression in cells, contributing to cancer growth.

In addition, the study has shown that proper maintenance of oxygen supply in tumors could inhibit epigenetic aberrations, which would open a new avenue to create new anticancer drugs targeted to these aberrations.

Cancer occurs by chance or carcinogenic factors that make the DNA of a single cell mutates rapidly and expands to other cells. These genetic mutations alter normal cellular function and support the growth and survival of cancer cells.

In addition to these genetic changes, tumor cells produce epigenetic changes that, though not affect the genetic code, can significantly perturb the function of genes in cancer cells benefit.

The origin of these changes is not yet known exactly, although Belgian researchers have investigated a frequent genetic alteration, hypermethylation, capable of silencing the expression of tumor suppressor genes and allow overgrowth.

“Our study shows that these epigenetic alterations are caused by the tumor environment and, more specifically, the lack of oxygen. The oxygen is needed by enzymes that normally remove methyl groups from the DNA. When there is shortage of oxygen, excess methylation is maintained, resulting hypermethylation. Moreover, this lack of oxygen explains halfway hypermethylation in tumors. While we have devoted much of our efforts to breast tumors, this mechanism has also an equally large impact on the bladder, colon, head and neck, kidney, lung and uterine tumors, ” said Lambrechts.


The discovery of the relationship between lack of oxygen and tumor growth has been the result of analyzing more than 3,000 tumors from patients and study whether the tumor oxygen supply is able to slow the progression of cancer.

One hypothesis that, in mice, researchers have found that it is true because they found that when the blood supply returns to normal, this stop epigenetic alterations that occur.

“Our results can have a huge impact on cancer management because, first, we could use the epigenetic aberrations to control the oxygen supply of a tumor, allowing us to better predict how it will behave and make more informed treatment decisions. In addition, this sheds light on existing therapies targeting blood vessels, which not only help deliver chemotherapy to cancer, but also inhibit new epigenetic aberrations. In addition, this could also help get relapses less aggressive”, stressed Thienpont.

Currently, scientists are studying whether tumor DNA analysis can be used to predict tumor oxygenation. “We want to know if it is possible to inhibit not only, but reverse some of these epigenetic aberrations” has settled Dr. Lambrechts.

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Treatment Of Cervical Cancer And Others Is Advancing Rapidly

Look in any medical book, or on a website, and it is clear to see that the human body is susceptible to thousands of health problems. Some are obviously worse than others. The common cold, for instance, is annoying for a few days, but in the vast majority of cases, it is nothing more than that. There are many serious diseases of the human body which can cause major problems, and none sets more fear in a person than cancer. This disease is caused when a cell divides and has errors in its DNA code. Most cells like that either self-destruct, or are killed by the immune system, but for some people, one cell will survive and grow into a tumor.

There are many different types of cancer that affect people, each one is not the same as the other. For instance, brain cancer is totally different than cervical cancer. Although there seems to be a lot of cancer around, it is a generic name for a lot of conditions. What causes one type of cancer, will not be the cause of another. While one treatment does not fit all cancers. In fact, cervical cancer may be treated in one person with a single drug, and works well, while in another it may have no effect on the tumor at all. This is why research in this field is now moving toward targeting specific types of cancer based on the patient’s DNA.

Millions are spent on cancer research every year, but even after all that money, there is still no cure for the disease. Although more people than ever are living longer, for a lot of people, the research has only increased life expectancy. There is always the worry in the mind of a person in remission that the cancer will return with a vengeance. The good news is that there are now more treatments available than ever before, and science is learning that combining them can have a better outcome than if they were used on their own.

One of the biggest breakthroughs has recently been in the area of immunology. This is real science, as it means reprogramming a patient’s immune system to attack the cancer. It is the failure of the immune system to kill it in the first place that leads to a tumor. The earlier cancer is discovered by a person, the better the outcome. For that knowing the symptoms to pay attention to is very important.

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Counting Calories To Lose Weight And Hit Your Goal

Do you know how many calories do you need to target daily in order to lose weight? It’s going to be a different number for men and women, and actually it’s a different number for each individual. For one, you need to be factoring in your calorie burn as well. If you burn more calories, you will be able to eat more. Of course, you still want a calorie deficit in order to make sure that you lose weight.

If you are a man, the average number of calories that men target is about 1,800. For women, the average number of calories is about 1,200. Of course, as mentioned the total will not be the same for each person. What you need to do is make sure that you first count the calories that you burn each day, not just exercising but doing everyday activities. You might be surprised at how many calories you actually burn.

Once you have your calorie burn, then you can start adding up the calories you eat each day. It is of course not possible to it it right on the nose everyday, but that’s why you need to practice daily calorie tracking. Once you get the hang of it, it’s quite easy. However, you still need to know what your calorie deficit should be each day, and there is a formula for that as well. Check out

When you eat too many calories, don’t be dismayed. It’s like they say about making mistakes when you’re dieting. You just have to pick yourself up and get going again. You will end up being able to get to where you can get back on track and start losing weight. In other words, don’t let one bad day stop you. Counting calories to lose weight is how it’s done. But, weight loss can also be achieved without counting calories, here is how.


Cholesterol: What Is It & How Does It Work In Our Bodies?

Cholesterol is something that usually gets a bad rap, in part because it is extremely difficult to get people to understand the full story behind this substance. While the technical scientific chemistry for cholesterol is C27H46O, that really doesn’t tell most of us much – at least not if we don’t have a master’s degree in chemistry.

This compound is critical in a variety of ways when it comes to understanding how the body works, both in good and bad ways depending on the type, which brings us to an important point: there are two types of cholesterol in the body.

Good cholesterol is HDL (high density lipoprotein) cholesterol, while the bad cholesterol that most people are familiar with is low density lipoprotein (LDL). These are far different in how they interact within the human body.

LDL Cholesterol

LDL cholesterol, aka the “bad cholesterol” is not good for the human body when in excess because it directly contributes to the development of plaque within the arteries. This clogging of the arteries is damaging to a person’s overall health not only by making circulation more difficult, but it also encourages the conditions that lead to heart disease, clogged arteries, strokes, clots, and other heart related diseases that can cause early death.

HDL Cholesterol

HDL cholesterol is quite different. This is the good type of cholesterol and it actually works to remove LDL cholesterol from the bodies. HDL works to remove plaque and cholesterol away from the arteries, moving them to the liver where it can be broken down, cleansed, and removed from the body. Doctors are even finding that good levels of HDL seem to coincide with good heart health.

Understanding this all important difference can help you fully know how cholesterol affects the body and why one should be embraced while the other closely monitored.

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Ovarian Cancer Symptoms You Should Know About

You should know about ovarian cancer symptoms. Knowing what some of them are may very well save your life. Here is a list of some of the symptoms associated with ovarian cancer.

1. Abdominal bloating that is persistent or indigestion are signs of ovarian cancer. You may also feel nausea. There’s also a chance you may experience all three of those if you have ovarian cancer.

2. Appetite changes has also been associated with ovarian cancer. For examples, some people may not feel as hungry as they usually feel or they may feel fuller sooner. If you have experienced sudden appetite changes, then consider speaking with a doctor.

3. Pressure in the pelvic region is another symptom. Sometimes people with ovarian cancer may feel pressure in their lower back area. As for how severe this pressure is, it depends on who the person is.

4. Other symptoms include feeling the need to urinate often. Some people with ovarian cancer may find they have to urinate even when they actually can’t. This symptom is associated with various other conditions too, but it has been associated with ovarian cancer too.

People who have ovarian cancer may notice their bowel movements have changed. For example, their bowel movements may happen more frequently or not as frequent as they used to be. Other symptoms include an increased abdominal girth. Some people have also reported feeling tired or not having high energy levels, so if you feel as if your energy levels are too low and you’re feeling tired all the time and nothing you do seems to improve it, then you should see your doctor.

Keep in mind symptoms may vary from person to person. There are many things that can cause the above symptoms. This is why you should see your doctor if you are concerned about any symptoms you may be experiencing for early treatment and higher chances of cure.